Do You Need Help Closing on a Home?

Do You Need Help Closing on a Home?

We handle contract negotiations in Oswego and Plainfield, IL

The Law Office of William D. Lohrman focuses on real estate transactions, including contract negotiations for selling a home, in the Plainfield and Oswego, IL area. Whether you're buying or selling a property, William D. Lohrman will work hard during the attorney review period to get you a favorable deal. He'll suggest approving, rejecting or amending the contract to protect your best interests.

You don't have to try to understand the closing contract on your home alone. William D. Lohrman will help you decode legal jargon, advise you in complex legal situations and draft documents for your real estate dealings.

If you need assistance with contract negotiations or closing on a home, schedule a consultation with a real estate litigation attorney in Oswego or Plainfield, IL today.

How can an attorney help you close on a home?

Negotiating real estate contracts when closing on a home can get complicated quickly, which is why it's helpful to have an attorney in your corner. When you hire the Law Office of William D. Lohrman, we'll help you identify things you want, must have and don't really care about when it comes to your contract negotiations. Once we figure this out together, William D. Lohrman will:

  • Prepare all the documents
  • Set up a time for the closing
  • Meet with your HOA and present the payoff letter
If you're a seller or an out-of-state homebuyer, William D. Lohrman will draft a power of attorney and take care of everything at your closing.

Need help drafting a contract for selling a home? Worried the closing contract on a home isn't fair to you? Let William D. Lohrman help you plan your next step.